Reverse the signs of aging

Reduce appearance of wrinkles and increase skin hydration

Pure Marine Collagen, designed for maximum absorption, with increased elasticity in the skin, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

My Perfect Collagen

Introducing My Perfect Collagen, the revolutionary collagen treatment that redefines a category.

80% of the human body’s connective tissue is made of collagen. Collagen is the structural support for our joints, organs, hair, nails and of course skin.

From the age of 25 the human body loses approximately 1% of it’s collagen pool per annum, so that by the age of 50 almost 33% of the our bodies collagen is lost, resulting in loss of hair thickness, brittle or ridged nails, slower recovery from injury and joint pain and of course sagging, ageing and wrinkled skin.

My Perfect Collagen works quickly and efficiently to replace the body’s natural collagen pool delivering clinically proven benefits unlike any other collagen product available today.

Other ingestible tablets, liquids and powders are rapidly broken down in the stomach and almost none of the collagen is absorbed. Most other capsules pass through the body without releasing their collagen. My Perfect Collagen has a unique capsule design that delivers the collagen just where it’s need for the very best effect.

Dr Hugo Kitchen has over 25 years experience in advanced non surgical aesthetic treatments and a well deserved and enviable reputation for being a leading provider in his field and head of the My Perfect Collagen development team explains why My Perfect Collagen has re-defined the ingestible collagen market.

Dr. Hugo J Kitchen M.B.,Ch.B., M.B.A.C.D., Cert COS.MED

Not only does My Perfect Collagen pure marine collagens patented slow release capsule deliver a higher dose of collagen to where it can be best absorbed, the high grade collagen in My Perfect Collagen has amongst the smallest molecule size of any collagen available today. Most collagen is around 5000 Daltons in size so struggles to be absorbed by the human body. The pure marine collagen in My Perfect Collagen is under 2000 Daltons allowing easy absorption and in greater quantities.


In recent trials 89% said their skin was plumper and smoother. 85% said their skin had increased elasticity and 85% felt they had gained a more youthful appearance.

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Although we guarantee results after 30 days of use, My Perfect Collagen is proven to work better over time.

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